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1 x Jester Zero 88 Jester TLXTRA Lighting Desk

ZERO 88 Jester Xtra 200 Channel DMX Lighting Desk is a feature packed memory console with control of 200 dimmer channels & up to 30 moving lights.

The Jester TL is the latest member of the Jester range, offering control of dimmer channels from a numeric keypad using industry standard command syntax. Up to 30 fixtures can be controlled using fixture select buttons and three control wheels.

Playback on the Jester TL consoles is via a traditional theatre playback stack or submaster control.

The Jester TLXtra provides 10 integrated submaster faders (20 pages of 10).

In common with the rest of the Jester range, a monitor port is standard on the Jester TL consoles. Channel, fixture, cuestack and submaster data can all be viewed using the monitor.

A USB port allows users to back-up shows that have been recorded on the Jester TLs. A USB keyboard can also be connected for fast entry of names and numbers. Show files are compatible with the Jester ML desks.

A DMX-in port allows the Jester TL consoles to be used as a back-up console for other desks. It is possible to snap shot a full 512 channels of DMX into submasters or the memory stack. MIDI notes can be used to trigger channels or submasters. A sound to light jack allows for chases to be sequenced to music. A remote input jack allows any button on the front panel to be pressed from a remote control. Chases can be recorded into the memory stack or directly into submasters.

Channel selection groups and fixture palettes allow quick selection of common channel sets and fixture looks. Macros allow frequently used sequences of key presses to be recorded and replayed. A built-in effects engine allows quick generation of movement effects for fixtures.

  • 200 Dimmer Channels
  • 30 Fixtures / Moving Lights
  • 30 Groups and Macros
  • 30 each of Colour, Beamshape and Position Palettes
  • 480 Submasters (20 pages of 24) controlled from Multi-Function-Buttons or DMX Input
  • 200 Submasters (20 pages of 10) on local faders
  • Playback Theatre Stack with programmable times
  • Patching to 512 DMX channels
  • Snapshot of all 512 DMX-IN channels
  • Supplied with TFT Monitor Display
  • USB Show Backup /Storage (Not Supplied)
  • Online Help
  • Lock function
  • Mains Via 13a Plug - IEC Lead Supplied

Jester Zero 88 Jester TLX Lighting Desk


+ Vat


Delivery, Setup & Collection - Available on all equipment and can be arranged at an additional cost.

Dry Hire: Customer collecting, setup & returning equipment.

Upon booking your equipment we will confirm the collection and return dates along with our hire department’s opening times for that day.

On collection of equipment, the hirer will be required to provide 2 forms of ID containing the address of the hirer of which one must include photo ID (e.g. Driving License, Passport) and 1 form of proof of address such as utility bill, bank statement, council tax etc dated 3 months from the start of the hire date.

We also require a safety deposit (the amount will be confirmed on booking paperwork) this needs to be paid by Cash or Card on the collection before the equipment is released.

Deposits are refunded when the goods have been completely checked and are accounted for. For smaller hires the Hirer is usually able to wait for check-in to be completed. For larger hires, or instances where we are unable to check the goods immediately, the equipment will be placed into a bay and checked at the earliest opportunity.

Due to constant equipment upgrades products shown may differ from the images or model described, but will be to the same standard or upgraded.

Full hire terms and conditions are available on request.

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