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We offer a range of packages to suit a range of budgets. Our packages take the time and stress away from you as the organiser and allow you to relax in the knowledge the event production is in safe hands.

We offer a range of products and services:

  • Lighting to flood the ring to more advanced lighting fixtures to fill the room to create that awesome atmosphere

  • Entrance lighting from bright lights, strobe lighting & lasers to create a buzz when the boxers walk out.

  • Effect machines can really add to the atmosphere with smoke, haze & co2 machines all working to take your event to that next level.

  • Top-notch sound systems to make sure the sound keeps up with the atmosphere. We can also provide wireless microphones.

  • DJs to play the intro music for your boxer's walkouts plus background music during intervals

  • Visual from TVs & projectors to show branding, logos and information and options for live camera feeds to make sure everyone can see.

  • Framework not only is used to support sound, Lighting & visual equipment but using the truss itself adds that special element to any boxing event. We can provide simple uprights to complete boxes around rings

  • Walkways can be used to make grand entrances, we can create these by using stage panels at a variety of different heights, along with posts and ropes

If you're not sure where to start, get in touch to talk to our expert team today.

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