Venue Lighting


Major Entertainment Ltd can really add that sparkle to your function, Product Launches, fashion show, talent competitions and theme evenings using the latest in lighting and effect machines.

We offer a range of different products to maximize the effects of your event.


With a wealth of experience in lighting we are happy to arrange site visit's so we can get a true feeling for what you the client is hoping to achieve, next we would advise on what equipment we would bring to fulfill your lighting requests.


Indoor & Outdoor Uplighting

Uplighting is becoming more and more popular as it's a cost-effective way of changing the colour, mood or feel of your venue.

We are able to set these units on many different settings including single colour, fading and flashing.


These work exceptionally well in marquee's, pale areas and produce stunning effects on stone walls, this gives you a rippled shadow effect.

Our uplighting can be programmed in such a way that it can match or complement your colour theme.


Because these units use LED technology this means they don't give off heat, so they are safe if children were to touch. Also, these use very low power consumption. But the main thing with this LED technology is it allows us to colour mix Red, Green and Blue to make virtually any colour your after.


Venue Lighting

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Outdoor Uplighting